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Cuidado kennel
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Tunnels for rodents on sale- Saturday 19 March, 2016 Viewed:344

Kis-rágcsálód álom bujkáló rendszerét most rakd össze! Minden építőelem akcióban! Szeged Kálvária sgt. 102. / Frakk Petshop
www.frakk96.hu %%%%SALE%%%%

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 Álom bujkáló rendszer

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%%% SALE AT FRAKK! %%%- Thursday 03 March, 2016 Viewed:306

%%% SALE AT FRAKK! %%%



%%%%%%%% WWW.FRAKK96.HU %%%%%%%%%%%%%
%%%%%%%%%%%% 62 494 364 %%%%%%%%%%%%%%



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Unbeatable Eukanuba dog food prices at Frakk Petshop!- Saturday 30 January, 2016 Viewed:419
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Eukanuba 12+ kg products FREE SHIPPING!- Tuesday 05 January, 2016 Viewed:636
Eukanuba kutyatáp 12+kg ingyenes házhoszállítás, verhetetlen ár!
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Why is it worthy to buy Eukanuba dog food at Frakk?- Wednesday 16 December, 2015 Viewed:652

Miért a Frakk Petshop-nál érdemes Eukanuba kutyatápot vásárolni?

Tekintse meg a kimutatást, az információk magukért beszélnek!

Érdeklődés aktuális készletről, árajánlat, megrendelés:
Szeged, Kálvária sgt. 102. (0662 494 364)

petnet petissimo zooplus webtáp.hu frakk96 eukanuba

petnet petissimo zooplus webtáp.hu frakk96 eukanuba

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Wide range of dog houses!- Thursday 01 October, 2015 Viewed:527

-->Click here to check dog houses<--

Kutyaházak széles választéka! Frakk '96 KUTYAHÁZ

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Cibau premium quality dry dog food- Tuesday 28 July, 2015 Viewed:685

The CIBAU® line is a complete range of top quality foods for dogs of every size and race.
Its main characteristics are:

  • Chicken, fish and lamb as the main sources of protein.
  • Fish oil to guarantee the right amount of omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Rice and corn for easily digested carbohydrates.
  • 85% digestibility of the product means that your dog passes smaller, more compact faeces, easier to cope with.
  • No genetically modified ingredients, no artificial preservatives and no soya proteins.
  • Without hormone-antibiotic residue.
  • Dried brewer’s yeast, F.O.S. (fruit oligosaccharides), dried beetroot pulp, antioxidants like Vitamins (A, C, E, Omega-3, Selenium), Taurine, Carnitine, Glucosamine, Chondroitin.
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N&D Nature and Delicious grain free 70% premium animal ingredien- Tuesday 28 July, 2015 Viewed:665

The evolution of dogs and cats was similar to that of predators, so their anatomy is structured to essentially carnivorous diet.
Despite the outward differences of race, all dogs are descended from their wild ancestor, the gray wolf, with whom they share 99.8% of their genetic code.
Therefor, just as their ancestors, our dogs and cats prefer eating carnivore, that’s why in terms of anatomical feature they have:

  • sharp and pointed teeth to tear meat,
  • jaw joint that allows a wide mouth opening for the ingestion of large pieces of meat,
  • a short digestive system simply structured with a strong acidic gastric pH suitable to digest and metabolize proteins, therefore meat.

Dogs and cats have difficulty digesting grains rather large and complex carbohydrates, because they are devoid of biologically specific
70% Premium animal ingredients.
30% Fruits, minerals and vegetables.
0% Grain and GMO ingrediets.

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Glyco-Flex- Monday 27 July, 2015 Viewed:673
Glyco-Flex izületi porcok egészséges fejlődésének támogatására
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Arthti-Aid , Kalm-Aid- Monday 27 July, 2015 Viewed:615
Arthti Aid porcerősítő, KalmAid (kutya-, macska nyugtató)
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Vetri-DMG immunstimulant, metabolism activator- Monday 27 July, 2015 Viewed:575
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Jack teeth care and detoxification snacks- Friday 24 July, 2015 Viewed:546
Jack fogtisztító és méregtelenítő rudak
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Curver Pet Life- Thursday 23 July, 2015 Viewed:417
Curver Pet Life
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Happy dog fit and well, young and croq line- Thursday 23 July, 2015 Viewed:744

Happy dog fit and well

Happy dog young line

Happy dog natur croq

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Happy Dog supreme line - Supreme quality – even for special need- Thursday 23 July, 2015 Viewed:1156

Happy dog

Happy Dog supreme line - Supreme quality – even for special need

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Dog Rocks - Dog or garden? Dog and garden!- Tuesday 21 July, 2015 Viewed:570

Dog Rocks

Akciós bruttó ár: 3.841 Ft

Megrendelhető telefonon: 0662 494 364


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Frakk Petshop loyalty system- Thursday 09 July, 2015 Viewed:983
Frakk Petshop loyalty system Szeged, Kálvária sgt. 102.

Request a loyalty card and collect valuable points!

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4 336 products price were reduced in our webshop!- Wednesday 08 July, 2015 Viewed:734

Call us if you have any questions! +3662 494364

4336 termék árát csökkentettük jelentősen web-áruházunkban!

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Dear visitors!- Wednesday 08 July, 2015 Viewed:580

Tisztelt Látogatóink!

Felhívjuk szíves figyelmüket, hogy a Frakk '96 Kft. web-áruházában megjelenített árak csak a Frakk '96 Kft. web-áruházában történő vásárlás esetén érvényesek és az ily módon megrendelt termékek minden esetben csomagküldéses úton kerülnek eljuttatásra a vásárlási folyamat során kiválasztott díjköteles csomagküldési módnak megfelelően!

A Frakk '96 Kft. web-áruháza alkalmas a ...

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Ferplast products which are available to order- Monday 06 July, 2015 Viewed:572
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Royal Canin products which are available to order- Monday 06 July, 2015 Viewed:503
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New: Choose from our measured products on Kálvária sgt. 102.!- Friday 03 July, 2015 Viewed:1083

New: In our pet store at Szeged, Kálvária sgt. 102. you can find measured dog and cat food on good prices. Also you can find these in our shop at Mars tér, Anna hall.

Szeged, Kálvária sgt. 102.

Szeged, Mars tér, Anna hall

Click for price and measured product list---->

Click for measured products which are on special offer at present---->


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FERPLAST SWING DOG AND CAT DOORS- Friday 17 October, 2014 Viewed:868
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N&D GRAIN-FREE CANINE- Thursday 16 October, 2014 Viewed:943
N&D dog food
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Versele Laga Opti Life Product Range!- Thursday 16 October, 2014 Viewed:789

Opti Life, and it shows!

As a dog lover, you of course only want the best for your dog! A healthy dog therefore starts with healthy and balanced food. Discover the Opti Life range that brings your dog in optimal condition. And it shows quickly because of the shiny coat, the wet nose, the sparkling eyes, an easy digestion and the good dental health of your dog!

Versele Laga Opti Life

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Federol olaj - antiszeptikus készítmény - légyriasztó- Monday 01 July, 2013 Viewed:1533

Federol olaj 100 ml - antiszeptikus készítmény - légyriasztó

Távoltartja a legyeket és segít a regenerálódásban!

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New - AZP dog food - starting special offer- Monday 01 July, 2013 Viewed:1402
New - AZP dog food - starting special offer
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Dog house ferplast- Friday 16 November, 2012 Viewed:1189
Check our Ferplast plastic dog houses!
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Happy dog dog food from middle class to premium- Friday 09 July, 2010 Viewed:1926
Good quality in good price!
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